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Calling all gin lovers, cocktail quaffers and people who appreciate the finer things in life. If you’re partial to a tipple and have always wondered how the spirit is made, call in at our beautiful working distillery to see how we make our own Scottish craft gin and sample the range.

Gatehouse Gin is distilled in the old gatehouse within the grounds of Wyndham Duchally Country Estate by a small but dedicated team of experts.

The working distillery is open for guests to visit every Thursday and Saturday afternoon. You can see the traditional copper pot stills and discover how our passionate distillers craft the artisan blends, selecting botanicals from our gardens. Thirsty for more? Be sure to book one of our Gin Tasting Experiences or Cocktail Masterclasses for an informative and entertaining evening.

Come and say hello

The Gatehouse Gin distillery is open every Thursday and Saturday between 2pm and 5pm for guests to pop in and have a look around. There’s no need to book, just come by the old gatehouse to say hi and see where the magic happens. You can also purchase a bottle of Gatehouse Gin to enjoy at your leisure.

Gin Tasting Experience

Learn about the history and art of gin distilling and taste our full range of craft gins on our hour-long Gin Tasting Experience. Join us in the gatehouse at 6pm on Thursdays and you’ll hear how Gin Gatehouse began and the art of distillation before your tastebuds are put into action during a carefully selected tasting sequence. You’ll taste each Gatehouse Gin and learn to detect the different botanical blends. This experience includes four carefully selected gins and ends with a perfectly mixed Gatehouse Gin & Tonic. It costs £25 per person and is available for a maximum of 12 people.

Cocktail Masterclass

Sip, swirl, stir and shake as you learn to blend your own craft gin cocktails at this expert-led masterclass held in our beautiful Gatehouse distillery. Our Cocktail Masterclass takes place from 6pm on Saturdays and see small groups create three different drinks across the hour-long session using a range of Gatehouse Gins. As you finesse your mixology skills you’ll learn about the range of flavours and aromatics and how they work best in different cocktails. It promises to be a fun way to start a Saturday evening. The masterclasses cost £35 per person with a maximum group size of 12.


To book one of our special gin experiences, call our reservations team on 01764 663 071  or speak to the reception desk on your arrival. We recommend you book early to avoid disappointment.