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Our sustainable story

At IDILIQ Hotel & Resorts we recognise the impact of our business on the environment and are committed to operating in a socially responsible and sustainable way. Our Hotels & Resorts are located in some beautiful parts of the world and we’re passionate about maintaining and protecting these environments for future generations.

Whether it’s reducing carbon emissions and waste, saying so-long to single-use plastics, choosing our local butcher over a global supplier or having electric car-charging points, there are many ways (big and small) that we’re trying to do our best for the planet, as well as our guests.

Read on to see some of the things we’re doing to minimise the environmental impact of our Hotels & Resorts.


Going local

We try hard to support local farmers and food producers and to reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing locally. Similarly, we opt for seasonal ingredients as much as we can and products that are produced responsibly.

Supporting our communities

We hope to have a positive impact within our surrounding communities through local hiring and sourcing, and by supporting local businesses, initiatives and charities.

Recycle and reuse

From installing easy-to-use recycle bins for our guests to use to composting green matter on site, our Hotels & Resorts are striving to recycle, reuse and reduce the waste that goes into landfill.

Reducing single-use plastics

We’ve stopped the use of plastic straws and coasters in most of our bars and restaurants, with paper alternatives supplied on request. We’ve also replaced miniature and single-use toiletry bottles in some of our properties and source eco-friendly beauty products.


Encouraging guests to reuse towels and linen has significantly cut our water and energy usage. Some of our properties have installed low-flow fixtures and implemented other water-conserving programs like rainwater harvesting for garden irrigation. Also, in some hot countries like Turkey, our gardeners choose plants that need less water.


We’re committed to reducing our collective carbon footprint by reducing our emissions.
We use LED or energy efficient lights internally and externally. Timers and sensor systems are installed on items, such as Jacuzzis and heaters. As we continue to upgrade accommodation, we are installing more energy efficient and automated systems along with improving insulation and replacing windows


From installing bird boxes and bug hotels in our UK Hotels to preserving and establishing natural areas on the grounds of our Resorts in Turkey, our Hotels & Resorts are taking steps to protect natural habitats and boost biodiversity. Also, by planting native species and those compatible with the region our gardeners avoid unnecessary pesticides and fertilisers.

Supporting our guests’ green journeys

Communicating our green practices to our guests (from recycling to reusing towels) and engaging them in our journey is central to making a difference. We have electric vehicle charging points onsite on some properties and we encourage guests to travel by public transport if possible. We also offer excursions that engage them with the natural landscapes around our properties and forge connections with local communities and the area’s culture.


From sustainability training to ensure green practices are put into action to initiatives like a cycle-to-work scheme, at IDILIQ Hotel & Resorts we support our staff in doing the right thing. We also encourage our staff’s own green proposals and support individual volunteering or charity work.


As IDILIQ Hotels & Resorts owns and operates 10 Wyndham and Ramada branded properties we are part of the Wyndham Green Program. This is designed to help hotels reduce their environmental footprints and operate more efficiently through eco-friendly initiatives and sustainable practices.


All our Wyndham branded properties have, or are currently undertaking, the Wyndham Green Certification. The process has five progressive levels, which consider elements like energy and water conservation, waste diversion and operational efficiency along with guest and employee education and engagement.

Charity Holidays

Our parent company, IDILIQ Group, created the Charity Holidays programme in 2016 with the aim of bringing the joy of travel to those who need it most. The initiative involves IDILIQ Hotels & Resorts providing free holiday accommodation for disadvantaged families or those with sick and terminally ill children in association with charities, including the Cystic Fibrosis Holiday Fund, Dreams Come True and Carers Trust.

IDILIQ Foundation
The IDILIQ Foundation was born in 1999 with the objective to help groups and individuals in need on the Costa del Sol and Tenerife. Over the years, the Foundation has been steadfast in its support of local organisations that help tackle a range of social challenges.

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